Jana Osta EP

by Jana Osta

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released May 1, 2010

Will Hattman: Vocals, guitar
Jack Hayden: Guitar, vocals
Susan Hattman: Bass, artwork
Sam Pape: Drums

All songs by Will Hattman except "Horse Tree" by Will Hattman and Jack Hayden

Produced by Skyler Norwood
Recorded at Miracle Lake Studios June/July 2009



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Jana Osta

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Track Name: Crushed
Cold stasis
A thanatotic perch
No basis
For any human birth

Around a secret sun
The shrinking birds are gone

We're locked inside a prison that's older than the Earth itself
Each day our voices dwindle as we bewail our hell
Creatures can only teach you what other creatures taught them first
I haven't learned enough yet to understand my worst

Still yearning
To undo years of loss
To thoughts of graves and moss

Won't risk paralysis
My choices
Are all that I have left
Track Name: Reaching
The pockets of the night are filled with noise
But nothing's loud enough
Nothing's loud enough

The living sin inside the cave removes its face
Force majeure
God's holy doubt
Reaching, reaching so far out

The dreams you have are deepest, hugest blue
But colors don't exist
Colors don't exist
Call from the gravid bowels of hell
From the raging waking
Shout all the numbers you can count
Reaching, reaching so far out

It's time for you to let me go

The promise of a world of realer stuff
But don't extend your hand
Don't upset the plan
Your fingers never felt so stiff

Let me go
Track Name: Missing Leg
Light in the room
A vision of loveliness
Shuts off the blood
Bedevils the loneliness

Slash through the night
Salacious integrity
Eyelids removed
Electrical poetry

Where love unbidden dwells
The most hidden place
Hands upon my throat
Yawning at the world

Nights when a brick in your gut is the only thing
Stare at the back of your head
It's the oldest thing

Missing leg
Track Name: Horse Tree
Let me be the weather that you thrive in
Let me be the servant that you lash
Raise up your arms to me
Collect my blood
Let me be the choir that exalts you
Build kingdoms in my name
Beg for my love
Let me the be the axe and the adze

Taken from countless scraps of cold souls
Buried beneath the hardest of soils
Deep in the woods you've feared since childhood
The horrible heart that pumps the world's blood
The quivering roots of all your nightmares
I have known everything about you
Sacrifice all your beauty to me, to me, to me

If good and evil don't pertain
Then all that's left is fear and pain
And your decisions just got easier
There's no great beast with orange eyes
And no thick spirals in the sky
The truth is always much more cruel to hear

While you dream of power, I'll kill all the hours between us
While you mull existence, I'll close all the distance between us

A lonely tree
A lonely forest waits for you
It waits for you

I have nothing
I seek nothing

Why do you lie?